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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 photo travel-health-tips-header_zpsuvgylkcq.jpeg

Do you have a vacay incoming? Flying somehwhere? I'm not!! :P Taking it easy for the Summer at home, well more "in the neighbourhood". The nicest thing about Europe and living in the south of the Netherlands is easy access to 2 other countries. Within 30 minutes I drive myself into Belgium and within an hour I am in Germany (France and Denmark 3, also the UK will only take me 20 minutes by plane). I don't feel bad not traveling far, I have many options next door! :P

For the ones who are flying to an exotic place somewhere on the globe, I found a really nice article at Food Matters about how to stay healthy while traveling, it's really not that difficult as you might think!

With a few simple and easy tricks you can stay healthy and refreshed while on the move!

What is your vacation destination for this Summer and how do you prepare for a long flight?