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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Outfit Prepping

 photo TheDressShop_Topper_zps1b04f8a9.jpg

It's that time of the year again to start prepping for the holidays. The most difficult thing off all is to figure out what to wear... if there's something I totally hate it's stressing out a few days before Christmas about the perfect outfit. This is actually the only time of the year where I take 100% OFF, so no stress about a dress. I prep a few weeks before so I have time to chill and fiks other "important" stuff for the holidays. Anyway, outfit wise, I think I'll go for dresses this year (might be changing my mind in just a sec, but I have to start somewhere). So many choices and so much gorgeousness around. In dubio and still no choice made, sharing some dresses I really like and wish I could all have :) (all Free People this year). Are you prepping yet?


 photo 20141121011633_zpsd9912ac5.jpg  photo 20141121103402_zps580e730d.jpg

 photo 20141121110829_zpsd5516475.jpg  photo 20141121110747_zpsd42519a0.jpg

 photo 20141121103333_zps91a9766f.jpg  photo 20141121110912_zps826c7651.jpg

 photo 20141121110938_zpsa464fc26.jpg  photo 20141121111121_zps7574ca22.jpg

Images Source: Free People

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weleda Loves

 photo weleda3_zps3017d10d.jpg

As some of you might know I've been using Weleda my entire life... literally since I was a baby. They are one of the best honest natural skin care lines out there. Next to Dr. Hauschka, I think Weleda rules the market. On my blog I have been trying to make you girls see what you are actually putting on your skin if you are not using a true and honest Eco certified skincare line. Remember, "natural" is a marketing technique and many skin care companies are taking advantage of that. It is legal to put the words "natural" and "bio" on a skin care product, when most of the ingredients are bad for your skin. Never read the text on the front of the beautiful "natural" looking bottle... see the back and all the ingredients. If any of the ingredients are mentioned in this post (10 Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products), avoid people, avoid!! There are way more disgusting ingredients in your skin care products, but these are the most disasterous! So, grab all your skin care products and check if they contain any of these ingredients... and por favor, throw them out :).

Any questions or thoughts, please comment! I'm the expert and living proof that these products are the best. Combined with a healthy life style, you can presurve your youth.
Sharing some Weleda products I've been loving lately. There are too many products to try out, but these are a keeper!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free People November Catalog 2014

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-1_zps64ab5cea.jpg

It has been a while, but never it's never too late to share some Free People gorgeousness! The November Catalog is definately my fav of the year. It's crazy, I can't even choose my favorite pieces, because they all are ( Lord, I want to win the lottery, please...). Sharing the full catalog with you girlies this time. Out of control gorgeous! What do you think girls?

Will be catching up with y'all asap! Have been working some overtime for the holidays...on schedule now and back in the game! Talk to you soon!


 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-2-3_zps814f5454.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-4-5_zps4e972894.jpg