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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods

Girls, forget about the anti-anging creams! There is no such thing as reversing wrinkled skin into younger looking skin by using a cream that actually does more harm than good (read about toxins in beauty products in one of my last posts here), please don't fall for it. Real anti-anging comes from within. You are what you eat and a healthy life style is all you need to look younger. Today I'm sharing 10 anti-aging foods that are tasty, easy-to-find, and have shown in studies to have solid potential in preserving youth and vitality. In addition, buy all organic. Remember that non-organic foods contain pesticidea, which lowers the nutritional quality of the food.

If there's anything you think I should add to this list, please enlighten me!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

For Love & Lemons Spring 2014

One of my favorite brands for this Spring is For Love & Lemons, it's a brand to relate to, for that girl that doesnt follow trends, she makes them. I'm ridiculously in love with their new Spring 2014 lookbook and collection. If you are just a gypsy at heart as I am, I for sure recommend you to view the entire lookbook on the For Love & Lemons blog...like right now!!!

Today I want to share some of my favorite pieces from the For Love & Lemons "Land of Eternal Spring" Spring 2014 Lookbook. What do you think?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stress Reduction: The Three Thumps Exercise

Full mental and physical relaxation is essential. Stress reduction is THE most important thing we should blend in a healthy life style. While we sleep our body fully relaxes, but it's also very important to fully relax your body and soul at least once a day while being consious. I'm always looking for natural ways to relax during the day, while working in a stressful environment. One of my recent finds is The Three Thumps exercise. It doesn't only relax me mentally and physically, but it's also designed to boost and restore energy, increase strength and vitality, and strengthen the immune system. By learning this simple energy technique you can improve your health, sharpen your mind, and increase your joy and vitality without using any medicine. If you do this excercise 3 times a day, you'll start noticing the difference, I promise! Even with a busy schedule, see it as an investment in yourself. It's such a quick and simple exercise, you can do it anywhere at any moment of the day.

The Three Thumps excercise

1. Use several fingers or knuckles to tap the spots shown in the pictures. Tap vigorously on each set of spots. Focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth during all the tapping.
2. To locate K-27 points place your fingers on your collarbone and move them inward towards the U-shaped notch at the top of your breastbone. Move your fingers to the bottom of the U and then move down and out about an inch to find the spots. Tap or massage for ten to fifteen seconds.
3. Place the fingers of either or both hands in the center of your sternum at the thymus gland. Tap there for fifteen to twenty seconds with your fingers or your knuckles.
4. Tap the neurolymphatic spleen points, beneath the breasts and down one rib, for fifteen seconds. Alternately, tap the spleen acupuncture points, located on the side of the body about four inches down from the arm pits, for fifteen seconds. If either set is more tender use these points in the future.

Instruction video

If you tried it, what do you think? Curious!! :)


Image Source: Google, Video: Youtube

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff

When I heard that Rebecca Minkoff's SS2014 show was inspired by Frida Kahlo, I was SO excited. Frida Kahlo has been my inspiration for many years, her life, her style and art inspire me in many ways. When I saw Rebecca Minkoffs' show for the first time, the excitement went to a whole other level; an adorable look styled with a "Let's all go to Mexico" shirt totally wow-ed me. The collection is a girlie girl's dream: vibrant floral prints, lovely lace and dresses, with a touch of sporty tomboy-ish pieces, which I LOVE. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite looks, including her show, a must-see!! You can find more of her work here.

What do you think of Rebecca Minkoffs' SS2014 collection?


Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Reasons Why Sun Is Good for Our Health

We all love the sun, especially in winter! People already knew the sun brought life on Earth since the Stone Age (that is why they used to worship it). As much as we love the sun, its waves can heal and destroy, they can be the kiss of life or death. It all depends on which way we use it. In winter our energy levels go down, the sun is weak and isn't out all day. It's very important to use the sun when it's out on the colder days. But beware, too much sun is bad, really bad! Today I want to share a list of 10 reasons why sun is good for our health. Most of you probably don't have a clue, but using the sun regularly in the right proportions is extremely healthy!

10 Reasons Why Sun Is Good for Our Health

1. The sunlight kills microbes (that's why it is important to put carpets or blankets, that cannot be washed regularly, out in the sun). Exposure to the sun confers the skin a bright, healthy look and increased elasticity. A moderately tanned skin is more resistant to infections and sun burning than an untanned one. Many skin diseases (dermatitis) can be controlled and even cured through controlled exposure to the sun. The sun rays are proven to strengthen the immune system.

2. Due to the sun our mood and morals improve. Sunlight helps in cases of chronic or acute depression, by stimulating the synthesis of endorphins (good-feeling hormones). That's why we get depressed in the cold and dark days of the winter. 10 to 20 minutes a day will give you more energy and happiness.

3. The sun is good against insomnia. Daytime exposure to sunlight increases the melatonin production during the night. This hormone helps regulate the sleep.

4. Under the action of the sunlight, the skin synthesizes vitamin D, which makes possible calcium absorption in the intestine, helping the organism grow strong bones. This way the sun prevents rachitism in both children and adults and osteoporosis in elders.

5. As vitamin D and some related compounds impede the development of some cancer cells, we can say the sun fights off this disease. Regular and controlled exposure to the sun has a preventive effect against cancer of colon, breast, leukemia and lymphomas.

6. Exposure to the sun strengthens the cardiovascular system. Blood circulation is improved, the pulse, arterial pressure, moderately high glycemia and cholesterol levels can be normalized.

7. Sun rays improve liver functioning, being effective in treating jaundice.

8. They help the kidneys with a part of their job, as the sun waves favor the elimination of waste products through the skin, when we sweat.

9. The sun also helps losing weight by increasing the metabolic rate through the stimulation of the thyroid. It also eases symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

10. The sun rays also ease the healing of the swollen joints during peaks of inflammation in cases of arthritis.

Any questions or anything you think I should add to the list? Just let me know!


Image Source: Google, Pinterest

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Free People January Catalog 2014 - Sneak Preview!

Sharing a sneak preview of the Free People January Catalog 2014 on this beautiful Sunday. Still lusting for every single piece in their collection, which didn't change a bit this month, in love! Can't wait to see the full catalog.


Image Source: Free People

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Chances

First of all to everyone: HAPPY NEW YEAR! GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! I want to thank all for an amazing 2013! All the support, sweet comments & emails really kept this blog going! 2013 was a year with many ups & downs, a year of many lessons learned as always. I wish everyone the best for 2014.. continue following your dreams!

Lots of Love,