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Monday, December 30, 2013

NYE Hair Inspiration

Now that you've chosen the perfect outfit for New Year's Eve, there is one more detail to plan - your hair! It is not the easiest task to choose the right hair do with your outfit. If you're wearing a dress with a high neckline or a gorgeous statement necklace to show off, I'd recommend to wear your hair up, like a high sock bun or cute fish tail braid. Add a hair accessory or headband to give it that little extra Wow. If you're really not a hair up person, a bunch of gorgeous curls never fail. Check out some of my favorite hair looks!


Image Source: Google, Pinterest

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY! € 50,- Free to Spend @ The Bohemian Dream

It’s hard to believe another year has already gone by! 2013 is almost at it's end and it feels like I've only felt a part of it. Today marks the 9th month aniversary of my new project for The Bohemian Dream, I can’t believe how fast it is growing up. To celebrate, I have a fun treat for you all today. I will be giving away a € 50,- store credit, free to spend in my Etsy Store to thank all of you lovely readers and supporters for being a part of this project with me.

All you have to do is "Like" my Facebook page for The Bohemian Dream — and "Like & Share" this post. This giveaway will be closed on 4-1-2014. The winner will be announced on my Facebook Page, so don't forget to stop by! Thanks again everyone for being a part of this this journey — I love you!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natural Ways To Energize in Autumn and Winter

Everyone is welcoming fall and winter with open arms. The crisp air, layered outfits… it’s all a positive change. The cooler days also come with fewer hours of sunlight, which means less time you spent outdoors and with that comes a lower energy level. Each year I really feel my energy level dropping when it gets colder, I think everyone feels it! But, there's something you can do about it, dear. Incorporate these little things into your everyday life and you'll naturally keep your energy level at its highest!

Hope you enjoy this post! If there's anything you think I should add, just let me know!



When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to let your mind and body adjust to being awake before you get out of bed. While breathing deeply, consciously stretch every muscle in your body, starting with your toes and working your way up until you reach the muscles in your face. I do it every single morning of my life and it really helps to energize!

Eat Breakfast

Many people don't eat breakfast because mornings are rushed, but oh my, it is the most important thing to start your day with! After fasting for multiple hours while we sleep, our bodies need plenty of nutrients in order to operate at their maximum potential. Just wake up a little earlier to make yourself a healthy breakfast. I start every day with two pieces of fruit and some muesli, all biological of course! Remember, a breakfast with loads of suger is not healthy. Normal serials for example, most often seem "healthy", but the majority contain ridiculous amounts of sugar, wrong fat and E-numbers, which are poisonous to your body.

Drink Water

Water is crucial for proper functioning of every system in our bodies, which are naturally made of up to 60% water! Dehydration is a big contributor to feeling fatigued, so make sure you’re getting enough water every single day. Start your day with one glass of water. During the night you loose a lot of water, you're basically dehydrated when you wake up. Drink at least 2 litre of water a day. I drink at least one litre of filtered water and one litre of organic herbal tea (green preferably) a day.

Get Sun

Although you may not have the urge to spend as much time outside when the weather cools down, it’s important to make sure you’re exposed to the sun every day, the many reasons why I'll explain in a next post. Have a 10 minutes walk in the sun and you're good to go!

Tap Your Thymus

The thymus is an organ in your immune system that is located at the center of your chest, below your collar bone. Tapping this area triggers the production of T-cells, increases energy, relieves stress, boots your immune system, and more. To do so, place your fingers in the center of your sternum and tap or thump for 15 to 20 seconds while breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will likely feel an immediate sense of calm after tapping your thymus, and doing so regularly can lead to a long-term increase in your immune system and energy level overall!

Image Article Sources: Google, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Free People

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Inspirational Music

Again, I'd like to start the month with some Inspiration Music instead of my monthly Inspirational Quotes post :). I bumped into an oldie, Stellar by Incubus, one of my favorite songs of all time. Most songs I love bring up a specific memory, this song reminds me of meeting the love of my life. Wow, can't believe it's already 13 years old. Enjoy!

Wishing everyone a lovely month! Do you have a favorite song which brings up special memories?


Sunday, December 1, 2013

RIP Paul Walker

As a Fast & The Furious fan since the beginning of time, I'd like to dedicate this post to remember Paul Walker. He will never be forgotten. Condolences to his loved ones. RIP.

His last moments....

Friday, November 29, 2013

Free People November & December Catalog 2013

Sharing some gorgeousness from the Free People catalogs today, my November favs and a sneak preview of December. As each month divine. Dream away and enjoy!

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bohemian Christmas Inspiration

Months prior to the holidays I start preparing and brainstorming about outfits, presents, decor etc. The earlier the better! This year I'm going for an overall Boho look in my house. Colorful patterned ornaments and decorations (DIY preferably), carved wooden ligths, branches, Christmas lights in all colors or the rainbow...as many different colors and patterns as possible. It is actually very easy to create a Boho Christmas decor. Just randomly throw all your old Christmas decoration together.. et voilĂ ! As long as you leave out the commerial mainstream Santa stuff (which I don't think fits with the look), you're good to go.

Sharing some Bohemian Christmas Inspiration today! What's your decor style this Christmas?


Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products

I grew up in a very healthy, all organic, environment. Over the years I've learned many things about beauty products. The scary thing about knowing so much about "bad" ingredients in beauty products is that most of the stuff that you are putting on your skin today does more harm than good. Most big companies will make you think that what you are putting on your skin is good by making the bottle look "natural" or/and adding misleading text to make you believe it's "ok", well dear, after years of following scientific researches... they are just bullsh%#*^ing their way into making more money, by using the populations' growing confidence in "natural" products. Don't fall for it, many products are actually believed to cause long-term issues within your body.

Applying a product topically, doesn't mean it can't enter your body. Yes, your skin is actually the largest organ your body owns :). When you apply a substance on your skin it will seep through your pores and enter your bloodstream, interacting with what’s inside your body. It's so important to keep beauty products as natural as possible. This might sound a little weird, but after years of experience this is one of the best advices I can give you (if you dig into this subject you'll understand): If you can't eat it, don't use it!

There are so many ways to make your own beauty products with natural ingredients, but if you don't have the resources to make something at home, there are some companies that can actually offer you something natural and organic (I've been using Weleda my entire life). Read all ingredients carfully before you decide to put something "in" your body :). And please note: not all products labeled “natural” are telling the full truth!!! Really, it's not that much of a big deal to check a bottle before you buy it, see it as an investment in yourself, you’re protecting one of your most important assets: your body.

This is a list of the most dangerous ingredients in beauty products (in a next post I'll add a few more), please read it carefully. You might not care right now, but remember that eventually you are irreversibly damaging your body.

Hope you like this post! If you have any questions or anything to add, just let me know!


Friday, November 15, 2013

New In: The Bohemian Dream

It's not only the darker season kicking in why my days seem shorter, also I have too much to do, I just don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I wish to do. Can't remember the last time I shared some of my work for The Bohemian Dream. I'm totally loosing track of everything. Business is booming and each week I'm growing... that in combination with designing a new Spring Summer collection for Lucia Flores Design is almost deadly... no wonder I don't have time to relax. Anyway, sharing some of my favorite pieces I've designed in the past weeks. Opinions are highly appreciated!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Favorite Designers Spring-Summer 2014

Winter didn't even begin yet, but I'm already day dreaming about the next Spring and Summer. Oh, how I miss the warmth. I'm really looking foward to it and there's still such a long time to go before it's getting warmer again, especially where I come from.
I've been watching Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shows all morning and I wanted to share my favorites. Mara Hoffman, Alberta Feretti, Anna Sui and Isabel Marant are just a few of my favorites for 2014. Totally worth watching these shows, enjoy!

Who are your favorite designers the coming Spring/Summer 2014?


Mara Hoffman

Alberta Feretti

Anna Sui

Isabel Marant

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Inspirational Music

October passed me by in an eyeblink. Too many running projects and work have been almost killing me the past month. I don't think November and December will get any different haha, holiday seasons are the worst! Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but I miss blogging, which is the first thing to put aside when I'm busy. Will catch up will all my favorite blogs on my next free day! Haven't forgot about you girlies :)!

This month I'd like to start with some Inspiration Music instead of my monthly Inspirational Quotes post :). I love all kinds of music, from classical to metal, from Slipknot to Bach. I've been listening to a lot of Paramore lately, Hayleys voice is incredible! If you don't like rock, at least take the time to listen to the lyrics... so good! Enjoy!

Wishing everyone a lovely month!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free People October Catalog 2013

Just a few words for today. I'm still here, just having a little break because I'm sick, yuck! Will be catching up with you girls when I'm better. For today I'm sharing the new catalog of my fav brand of all time :). The October Catalog is yet again gorgeous! Especially the sweaters are divine. What do you think?

Take care everyone and don't get sick :P!


Visit Free People for the full October catalog.

My favs:

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Foods That Keep You Looking Young

I live a very healthy life style, it's actually kinda ridiculous. I've been a health freak my entire life, I grew up with it and it never has been different. I'm always trying to convince people into starting to eat more natural. Do you think that a home cooked meal made out of processed foods is healthy? Oh no dear, just remember; EVERYTHING that is processed is bad for your health. The good nutrients in processed foods are basically non-existent. Take emulgators for example (E-numbers). There are emulgators in food that can cause cancer, hair loss etc. Don't fall for the words "natural" on packages. Processed is and will always be unnatural!
Anyway, enough of my speech. If anyone is interested in what most E-numbers can do to your body, please let me know. I can give you some great tips and share some great scientific literature.

On to what this post actually is about :). There are so many products out there designed to keep us looking young, from our skin to our hair. But youth, like many other things, comes from within. One of the easiest and most effective ways to stay healthy and youthful is to pay close attention to what you put inside your body, and take advantage of the natural benefits that come from certain foods. Today I wanted to share 6 foods that can keep you looking young if made a regular part of your diet.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Inspirational Quotes

Wow, and yet again, I've totally neglected my bloggie! Seriously uncool! Too many projects are going on right now, somehow I don't seem to keep up with everything. Today I'll be visiting all my favorite blogs, oh my, I have some catching up to do. Hope all of you are doing well :).

Today, some Inspirational Quotes for October. These are some of my favorites I added to my Wise Words Pinboard collection lately. Hope you like them!

A little late, but wishing everyone a lovely October!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Feature in Altered Couture Magazine!

What a good start of the month and a good start of the weekend! I've officially been selected to be featured in Altered Couture Magazine, a 160-page publication dedicated to altered and embellished clothing and accessories, sold all over the US and Canada!
A few weeks ago I was contacted by an assistent editor of this magazine. I haven't heard of it before, so I was like...hmm'kay. But after I did some research it actually seemed kind of a big deal. The assistent editor found me online through Etsy and was very impressed with my altered clothing from The Bohemian Dream;.. if I wanted to be featured in their magazine. One day later I was contacted by THE editor to talk about the portion of the article and which garments would fit the magazine best. They were impressed with my open back slit designs. So...I designed two garments especially for the magazine. Today I got the official confirmation from the editor that I am selected (although she especially requested my garments, I still had to go through a "selection procedure") to have a spread in the magazine. How awesome is that? What started off as a project, looks like it's really going somewhere. I seriously am cosidering to make The Bohemian Dream an "inhouse sister brand" next to my Lucia Flores Design collections (new stuff incoming!!).

Anyway, wanted to share the designs that are going to be featured. Will be sending these sweaters to the offices of Altered Couture Magazine on Monday, where they will be displayed on a model, how chic! Can't wait until the magazine is being puplished!

What do you think of my open back designs?

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Benefits Of Eating Apples

As some of you might know, I'm a total health freak...but I mean, ridiculously! Anything that isn't organic or natural doens't really do it for me.
One of my favorite fruits are apples, one day without an apple and I feel like I've been neglecting my body hehe. When you think of a fruit in fall...it are apples of course! Apples are a fundamental part of fall. Picking apples, drying apple chips...apples are just essential to this beautiful season. They are incredibly delicious and, yes, they have many benefits as well — of which you may not even be aware! "An apple a day keeps the doctor aways" isn't just a saying :). Today I want to share the health benefits of eating apples.

Here's a list with benefits! Apples may…

Increase endurance. Apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which allows oxygen to reach the lungs more easily. Eat an apple before working out and see how it affects your endurance!

Whiten teeth. Apples contain malic acid, which is used in many teeth whitening products, due to its ability to dissolve stains. The next time you eat an apple, make sure to chew it thoroughly for maximum benefits.

Boost immune system. Apples are high in multiple vitamins, including vitamin C – the original immune system booster!

Satisfy cravings. Apples are naturally sweet, so they can help satisfy that afternoon cookie craving. They’re low in calories and totally fat-free, so you can feel good about eating them, too!

Fight cancer. Apples contain compounds called triterpenoids, which may fight against certain cancers like liver, breast, and colon.

Improve memory. Apples are believed to increase the production of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter – so they may improve memory and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Anything you think I should add to this list? Just let me know!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Patched Plaids & Tailored Tartan

It's so nice to see trends from the 90s have a comeback. I grew up in the 90s (oh my, I'm getting old) and as a teenager, grunge patched plaids and tartan were THE THING to wear. My wardrobe was all that basically. I'm not such a strict trend follower, but I'm always very happy when 90s styles make a comback! Trying to find a huge bag of my 90s tartan blouses and tops on the attick, so exciting! Getting right back at ya when I do :).

Free People offers the most amazing designs in patched plaids and tailored tartan. Sharing some designs today! What do you think of this trend? And if you grew up in the 90s, do you still have some oldies laying around somewhere?


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer into Autumn inspiration

Hello Autumn!! From today the nights will become longer and the days shorter. The cold is starting to kick in, but the first days of Autumn can also be very surprising. Some warm days are still ahead of us, well at least here in the Netherlands. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year, but the temperature changes can get kinda anoying as it relates to clothing. In the morning it can be freakin' cold and in the afternoon temperatures can rise tremendously. It's not always easy to find a middle way when it comes to choosing the right outfit for the day, especially if you have to be outside a lot.

Sharing some Boho style Summer into Autumn inspiration today for the warmer and colder Autumn days. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Kristen Stewart Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone! How are y'all doing?

I've had a super nice and relaxing weekend (never start like this on a Monday huhu). I decided to have another (once a month routine) Twilight marathon. Opinions are devided about these movies, but I just love'em and can't get enough of it! I also love Kristen Stewart a lot, I totally dig her style. I love how Kristen combines elegant with her tomboy style and her down to earth weirdo goofy way of being! Anyway, I've been really into the K-Stew inspired make up lately, expecially her signature smokey eye look. Thought it would be nice to share a tutorial! Hope you like it!

Wishing everyone a lovely week!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Free People September Catalog 2013

Guess what I forgot last month?? Well, forgot, I just didn't have the time to share the new Free People catalog for August (see it here). But oh my, the September catalog is yet again divine. The bright summer colors are slowly fading into beautiful autumn tones. I really love how FP always makes that transition, it's just perfect! Sharing some of my favs for this month!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello September - Inspirational Quotes

Can't believe it's September already! Summer is almost at it's end, but it's ok. There's something about Autumn that I love, it's so refreshing, like a new beginning, a new chance to start again. Let's start this beautiful month with some inspiration. To get some more inspiration, you can visit my Wise Words Pinboard for over 1000 beautiful quotes :).

Wishing everyone a lovely September!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New In: The Bohemian Dream 8-2013

Hey girls! How are you?

Boohoo, work, work, work...if my work could really kill me, I would have died several times already :). I know I have been abscent, need to catch up with all your bloggies! Will do this weekend!
Today I want to share some of my new pieces I created this August for my "The Bohemian Dream"-project. These are some new pieces for my Summer into Fall collection. What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions as usual! If you appreciate upcycled clothing, you should for sure visit my Etsy Shop :) www.etsy.com/shop/TheBohemianDream.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bohemian Camping: Creative Tents

It has been a while, but there is nothing more I love than go on a camping trip, in the woods or on the beach. I planned to go this Summer, but unfortunaltey I didn't quite have the time. BUT Summer isn't over.. I still have a chance! Camping in the woods is one of the most relaxing things for body and soul – sitting by a gorgeous lake in the afternoon, taking in the fresh air that surrounds you, free your mind, while the guys are setting up a tent and make a bonfire. Most of the times I spend the night in an average tent, but how awesome would it be if I could spend the night in a gorgeous Boho tent! Draping a bunch of beautifully mismatched floral sheets over a clothesline and fill the inside with layers of crochet blankets and cozy pillows. A teepee would be even cooler, hmmm little too ambitious :P!? Here are a bunch of tent inspiration images that I love!

Anybody already go camping this Summer? Would love to hear your adventures!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Outfit Post #16: DIY Kaftan

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend so far.

I'm in love with this DIY kaftan I made a few weeks ago, just can't stop wearing it. It's super soft and comfy. I'm designing clothing and jewelry at least 40 hours a week, but I did this one in my free time, just felt like it. I actually wanted to sell it via The Bohemian Dream, but what the heck, I'm keeping this one! Very glad I did. Isn't it gorgeous? And it's so easy to make. Maybe I'll do a tutorial...hmmm, yay or nay?

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Bohemian Inspiration 2

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?

I want to start the week with some inspiration. I'm obsessed with anything Bohemian (really, have you noticed?) and I just can't stop collecting Bohemian images. Bohemian clothing inspiration, home decor, exterior, jewelry, goodies... you name it. I mean, rage, rage, rage :P. My Bohemian Inspiration Pinboard grew like crazy since the last time I posted some Bohemian Inspiration. Almost 3000 pins! Crazy right?! Hope you'll get some inspiration from these gorgeous images!

Wishing everyone an lovely week!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Favorite Designers Fall Winter 2013-2014

Hey girls!

I've been watching Fall/Winter 2013-2014 fashion shows all morning and oh my, I love it! I'm addicted to it. Most of the shows I watch several times. Whether I like a show or not, there is always something that inspires me. This year I've been really dissapointed with some of my favorites: Isabel Marant and Blumarine really didn't hit the spot this Fall/Winter 2013-2014. Normally, each season, they blow me away... but really, they took some steps back this time, I'm missing something. What do you think? Probably it's just me, their collections are really not my thing this time. Who really impressed me is Mara Hoffman and Versace. Emilio Pucci also did a really good job this time. Sharing my favorites today, totally worth watching!

What's your favorite show for Fall/Winter 2013-2014 and favorite designer/brand?

Wishing everyone a lovely day!


❤ Mara Hoffman ❤

❤ Versace ❤

❤ Emilio pucci ❤

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Inspirational Quotes

Free your mind and get inspired! Some quotes I picked to start this month fresh! And fresh is what I need...oh my, 35 degrees celsius plus is just not my thing. Please August, be a littlebit more fresh than July. You can visit my Wise Words Pinboard for 1000 more beautiful quotes if this doesn't do it for you :).

WIshing everyone a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Free People July Catalog 2013

July is basically at its end, but it's never too late to share the Free People July catalog :). This months catalog was yet again divine. The new blouses and prints are so gorgeous! Want it all, Lord help me please! Sharing some of my favorites today.


Monday, July 29, 2013

New In: The Bohemian Dream 7-2013

Hey girls! How was your weekend?

As some of you might have noticed, I'm kinda on the low-key with updates in my jewelry collection. The pressure of work has been eating me alive and I have to cool it down for a little before I drop dead. I am working on new designs for my Autumn/Winter collection, from September I'll be back in the game baby!
My "The Bohemian Dream"-project is going really well and sales are growing explosively. Today I want to share some of my new pieces I created this July. Would totally love to hear your opinions! If you appreciate upcycling, you should for sure visit my Etsy Shop :) www.etsy.com/shop/TheBohemianDream.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY: Spice up your old keychain necklace

Hey girls! How have you been?

Missed my bloggie tremendously!! I've been concentrating on some other things the past week and before I knew it, over a week has gone by. How crazy! I'm back in the game now and lining up some great posts I've been dying to share with you girls.

Today I'm sharing a DIY I've done recently. It's super easy and oh so fun :). I'm always walking around the house with my keychain necklace while working, just in case I might need to barge out of the door to run to the stores if something ran out of stock. I do not want to lock myself out of the house (again, haha). Anyway, I've noticed my keychain necklace is uber ugly and needed a make-over. Hope you girls like this DIY, would totally love to hear what you think!