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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Almost ready for the launch!!!

Dearest followers,

After months and months of blood, sweat and tears, finally I've almost finished my new collection for the coming season. It has been hard work! You seriously can't imagine how much work it is to launch a collection, it's rediculous! It's not only designing and creating, but also making the best pictures, with the best decor, with the best model. And this doesn't even include the updating and publishing of my website, including advertisement (which I do myself, as I don't have the money to hire any kind of PR agency!!!) I think I probably worked 15 hours a day for the last couple of months, weekends included. But it has been all worth it, as I may say myself, IT LOOKS AWESOME! I've created new techniques to be as innovative as possible.

So, March is the big month for me!! At the beginning of March I will be launching my full jewelry collection and on the end of March my clothing and accessories collection. CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Also I've made drastic changes to my website, it is better accessible for the international customer; added the dollar currency, made a login option for customers to create a wishlist & much more!

Wanted to share a little more of my jewelry collection...but no more until March! :) Happy to hear any feedback BTW, it's really appreciated!

NEED SOME EXTRA LOVE ON FACEBOOK! Is there anybody you might think like my work, just sent them in my direction! :D

For all Dutch Brabanders as myself, fijne carnaval!

Lots of Love,
Lucie Flores

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