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Friday, July 29, 2011

New pictures, Mexican peasant blouses and mini dresses in a Ethnic Bohemian Vintage style..happy!

Dear all,

This weekend I organized my first photoshoot for my clothing collection. The model is perfect, the photo's are awesome! More awesome than all the pictures I've made. I hope this step will give me more sales and some more attention. At the moment my jewelry is getting with the people, but my clothing is still on a small fire. I am working really hard to extend my collection. Soon I will be promoting my fall/winter 2011 collection. Also I will be introducing my One of a Kind embroidered Mexican peasant dresses. All hand embroidered by myself. I can't wait to show everybody!

For now I want to share my new pictures. Please convo me if you have any remarks, support is really appreciated! Visit my website to see my full collection and more information www.luciafloresdesign.com. Also becoming a member of my Facebook Page is really appreciated.

Love to all,
Lucie Flores

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New styles beaded leather wrap bracelets.... and Mexican embroidered clothing coming soon!

Dear all!!

Long time no see! I have been busy with the advertisement of my company. God help me please, what else do I have to do to be seen just a little!!? When do I earn my succes? I have been putting so much time and afford in everything. I work 14 hours a day to keep my collection updated. Half of my time I spend on advertising. Ok, so what do I do for advertising? Next to my advertisement on Dutch popular websites as: Marktplaats and Hyves, I also have an account on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, FlickrEtsy and this blog of course. And that all next to having my own Official Website and other advertisement with Google Adwords etc. Still it seems I can't be found. What am I doing wrong? Anybody? I don't get offended by anything, so just let it go hehe....

One good thing going on at this moment is that I've found the best model for my clothing. Exactly what I was looking for and it will not cost me a thing, which is awesome! In a few days I will be running my first photoshoot. I have a lot of new unique Mexican embroidered clothing ready to be uploaded, so I can't wait! Check out my Website in a week for the total update of Mexican ethinic jewelry and clothing!

Wanted to share a small update for the week. Anybody with comments, recommendations, remarks or suggestions, please convo me!!! I need some feedback!! (desperate??)

With love from the Netherlands,

Check out some of new styles of my beaded leather wrap bracelets collection:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Zee Germans" Mexikanische Bluse or Mexikanischer Kleidung .... ?

Good afternoon everyone!

I haven't wrote in a few days. I've been soo extremely busy!!! My official website (Lucia Flores Design) is always under construction. I always think it can be better. Until I can spend thousands of euro's on a professional website maker, I will do everything related to my website myself. A cheap website maker just can't do the job, and by the way, I will not pay anyone for something I can make myself. So, anyway, I do all my own HTML and CSS. I think I've done a great job for an "amature" on grafic design. But I'm never statisfied, that totally sucks ass....

So, I have been working on the German part of my website. I want to reach a bigger audience so more languages are a privilige. My website contains Dutch (my language) and English of course... now I've extended it with German as well. I speak German, but writing is another thing :S. I get so confused with other languages. I speak Dutch, English, German and moreless French and Spanish. I'm always studying languages so confusion isn't a surprise. Am I lucky I have a fluently speaking German daddy. Still it's really difficult. German has a lot of rediculous grammar rules.And translaters and dictionaries not always do the job.

Some of the words I'm hesitating about, see below (Ich habe keine anhung!). Any German reader, if I've made mistakes, please mention :):

Mexikanische Bluse, Mexikanischer Kleidung, Mexikanischer Minikleider, Mexikanischer Schmuck, Tag der Toten Halsketten, Totenschädel Halskette, Schädel Schmuck, Frauen Bluse, Leder wickel Armbänder mit Perlen, Perlenarmbänder, Boho Hippie Armbänder, Rocail Armbänder, Indianische Schmuck, Religiose Halsketten, Mexikanischer Ohrringe, Boho Hippie Gürteln, Lolita Kleidung, Gothic Schmuck, Rockabilly Schmuck, Vintage Schmuck, Retro Schmuck, Mexikanische Kleid, handbestickt mexikanischer Kleidung, Mmexikanische handgestickte Bluse, farbenfrohe Stickereien, Stickerei Folklore, Steampunk Schmuck, Mexiko Vintage Kleid, Ethno Gewebt Mexiko Folklore, Ethno kledung, Ethno schmuck

If anyone Germans see a mistake on the German part of my website, please let me know, I really appreciate it!

So, this is it for today. I'll show you some of my own handmade Mexican clothing. Soon I'll get a model to make nicer pictures! A lot more Mexican clothing to come the upcoming weeks. I'm working really hard on it!

Love to all,
Lucie Flores

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beaded leather wrap bracelets explosion!

Goodmorning world,

OMG, I have been so busy with my business the last couple of days, I didn't even have the time to sleep normal. Since I started uploading my new beaded leather wrap bracelets I have been doing a little overtime.
I'm always investigating the net to see what is hot in different parts of the world. I get inspired by every culture, mostly by Mexico. As this country is the country of birth of my husband, it is extra special. My style is based on colorful Mexican vintage fashion. When I get inspired by another culture I always try to bring back the Mexican flavor. Exactly as I did with my new beaded leather wrap bracelets. These bracelets are super hot in the US at this moment, worn by celebrities. The thing that I didn't like about these bracelets is that everybody makes identical pieces. Why? People look at the Chan Luu (the introducer) beaded leahter wrap bracelets and just imitate. Most of these bracelets sold on the net are by the way not even handmade by the designer or seller: CHINA IMPORT! Do you think Chan Luu hires people from the US the make these bracelets... hell no! I have seen hundreds of Chinese suppliers that offer these bracelets, they carve your company name in the button and you have your "own five times around leather wrap bracelets" for 3 dollars a piece. Exploitation? Specially when the bracelet is being sold for 120 dollars. Disgusting! The funny thing is that buyers don't even know, or just don't want to know....

So, I used the concept and started designing my own. I use different materials and keep it as eco-friendly as possible, all unique in my own style without any imitation, AND of course, all are handmade by ME! I do get appreciated for it, finally, hopefully I will get more appreciated in the near future :).

Any feedback is welcome of course! For an overview of all bracelets, visite my website!

Love to all,
Lucie Flores

Some examples: